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Venom is part of an older anatomy study, then it finally turned to be venom, as i always liked this vilain from spiderman comics.

I really enjoied this project as it was one of my first attempts to sculpt with z-brush, I ended up tweaking him in mudbox too, but the most part of this job were done inside zbrush.

The sculpting task were almost done in one night, but I tweaked a lot for over a month, specially the displacement exporting part and texture and shading. I am now working in the animation, check back soon the animation session.

Texture and shading were done in 3dsmax8 and Photoshop, rendered with Mental Ray.

The Gargoyle is an image I made really quick. This is the environment for Venom to play his role.
I modeled the base mesh in 3dsmax8, sculpted it later in mudbox, one day of work.
T his one I brought back the hipoly model and did a polyreduct to make it more rock like.

The building took me one day of work... it is pretty simple geometry, texturing and lighting took me another day.